Damian Spaulding and his wife Lisa Spaulding team together to empower individuals and congregations across the world in how to experience a deeper relationship with Christ through further education in intercessory worship, prayer, exposing deep biblical truths and other strategic areas.

As an accomplished worship leader, studio musician and founder of a highly successful music school teaching a new method of learning to "play by ear", Damian Spaulding equips groups with impactful and anointed ways to deepen their worship experience both corporately and privately. Damian goes far beyond standard "worship" teachings and delves deep into areas of worship intercession, self-expression and more.
Workshops or seminars contain highly compressed information that covers great ground in an extremely short period of time. Damian is also able to teach any student how to play any instrument quickly so that they can join or even lead a worship experience in a matter of weeks or small months. This is a great asset to any growing church.
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Technical Engineering
As a founder of a successful recording studio and live production company, Damian Spaulding consults with churches on how to improve their skill sets in the areas of sound engineering and communication strategies between worship team members, church leaders and engineers.
Often corporate worship is only as good as the sound person because if one cannot be heard properly the message can not be received. A little instruction can go a long way toward the success of any group gathering.
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New Age Biblical Teaching
As a individuals that have recovered from the deep and alluring areas of the New Age Movement, Damian Spaulding and his wife Lisa Spaulding consults individuals and congregations seeking to learn more of a biblical perspective on the New Age movement and how to gain freedom from the spirits and influences that hits the personal lives of many Christians and non-Christians alike. Feel free to ask us how we can help you.
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Intercessory Prayer
As a prayer intercessor, Damian Spaulding facilitates those wishing to deepen their prayer experience with God with proven biblical strategies that do not deviate from the foundational truths found within the bible.
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Apostolic Leadership
With apostolic gifting (and only when called) Damian Spaulding (and his team) works with church leaders in ways to press forward in facilitating growth within their churches and impacting the lives of others in their community.
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Business Leadership and Technology
As the founder of a successful Information Technology company, Damian Spaulding and his team provide solutions that make it affordable for ministries and individuals to create and manage highly impactful website presences at affordable prices.
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