Why is it that when we see an article
painted with vivid colors,
we automatically relate it to our childhood?
You might answer this question by replying:
When you were a child, colors were more beautiful,
memories were brighter, and fragrances were more enjoyable.
Therefore the vivid and outstanding objects we observe now,
remind us of our childhood.
The reason why things look and feel so different now compared to how they were,
is because we came to the realization that the world isn't
the bright and enjoyable place we were lead to believe;
and our minds are cluttered with bad memories,
experiences, and worry for the future.
The main problem with adults and the world in general,
is that we do not take the time to think
like a five year old, and truly enjoy what is given.
For many of us, the thought never occurs to be extremely happy and overjoyed with life for no apparent reason at all.

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