Distorted Reality

Our lives might not be real, it is a grand scale
illusion put together by our governments.
For they, and they alone sensor what we see,
control what we do, and learn.
For all we know, there might not have been any "World Wars",
or great battles; the wars were all battles
against ourselves; our own country!
The wars really were just an intercontinental scam
put together by our governments to build confidence
or prejudice with one another.
There appeared to be a war in progress,
but in reality there is world peace;
and the families loved ones who died in these
"Great battles", were slaughtered by our own people,
to trick us into thinking and acting the way we do.
For the wars were just an illusion.
We are a bunch of guinea pigs in a giant pet store,
locked up in a box.
We are surrounded by many other species
in the same confines as us.
The store keepers feed us,
and grants us room to move and breathe.
It is up to them whether we live or die.
Our entire fate lies in their hands.

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