The Journey

You look upon a highway consisting
of hundreds of variations of a single idea.
Sitting in total control
of this marvelous creation, are we.
We with one thing in mind;
how to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.
In this mad rush, we never take the time to stop,
or even slow down to observe our awesome surroundings.
You may not regard the landscape that surrounds you
to be beautiful in any manner,
but believe me when I say,
if you stop driving,
and relish the locale that surrounds you,
weather it be a field, forest, swamp,
or a single blade of grass,
observing the speeding vehicles
rushing to get to one place in mind,
will illustrate what I mean.
Technology seems to be blinding us from our antiquity,
and with incredible speed,
hurtling us toward where we think we should be.
But are we ending up were we should?

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