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I recently received an email about lack of forgiveness and un-worthiness of God if you have committed certain sins intentionally or unintentionally. I hope these words will help you if you struggle in this area because I used to struggle with this myself.
The wage of sin is death and damnation therefore we all are not worthy of his presence in heaven :). As hard as these words are, they help explain the truth that will set us free. You see, we all are even in God's eyes and loved unconditionally. He loves us so much that you will see in the old testament over and over again that when His people directly turned against him. Denied him intentionally out of rebellion and in essence spat in his face and kicked dirt upon Him in disgrace, He still forgave them and 100% was accepted by Him after they repented. We are no different to this day. There is absolutely no sin that we can commit that is "unforgivable" other than never repenting or desiring to have a relationship with Him. God is a gentleman and will not force himself into our lives. All we have to do is ask and we are guaranteed salvation and freedom no matter what the cost or what we have done :) If you ever feel convicted after repenting or asking forgiveness then you know immediately that is not God but rather Satan that would like to keep you enslaved to the memories and sins of your past. Once we ask forgiveness (as hard as it is to understand) God not only forgives to eliminates the sin from record so that we can be redeemed as saints all over again and start afresh. It is like if sin caused your arm to physically rot, He does not just heal the arm, but He amputates the old arm and puts on a new one. The old arm then rots away and ceases to exist in his record as your new one is 100% operating as a replacement to any impurity there may have been.
God the Father loves us so much that no matter what our sin or what we did, He sent his son for us: To give us the opportunity through Him to be 100% forgiven and enter his presence and grace :) All we must do as ask for this and turn from the things that hurt us and Him. If we were trying to live by our own standard and forgive ourselves of sin on our own merits, it is impossible. As impossible as turning a diamond to dust and by our own merits back to a diamond again. WE simply do not have the spiritual power or authority to wipe our own sins clean, however, God promises to do so in all occasions. That is our inheritance as Christians. Ask and it shall be given to you. Knock and you shall receive.

100% Forgiveness of your sins is easy:

  1. Simply ask
  2. Make plans to turn away or take steps to not fall into the same sin again
  3. Forgive yourself (or else you allow strongholds to begin and Satan to take root in your life) and if that feels impossible. Just choose to stand on the truth that you have been forgiven every time doubt may be planted in your life because forgiveness in this way is just as solid as the laws of gravity
  4. Ask God to fill the holes that might be left where the sin took place and fill you with His Holy Spirit. Where the Holy Spirit exists, Satan and his work or minions can not
  5. Forgive others that may have hurt you and caused any reason for you to fall into sin. This way there is no legal entry point into your life for it to happen again
  6. Praise and give thanks for the awesomeness that God has done because is work is 100% complete and there is nothing we can do to add or take away from it

I pray these words are a light unto your feet and bring freedom to your soul. There is nothing that you can do to impact your inheritance as a Christian and redeemed saint in God's kingdom. Stand on this promise and truth because it will and does set you free. Let no lie from our moral enemy stand in the way of this truth because it is just that: Truth.

God bless you!

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