Victory Over The Demonic - Background

This site is an educational and entertaining site detailing my background and recovery from the deeper levels of the New Age movement:

  • Near Death Experiences and Past Life Regression Therapy - Part 1
  • Demonic Attack, Demon Possession and Exorcism - Part 2
  • Contacting and Communicating with Spirit Guides - Part 2
  • Psychic Phenomena and Telekinetic Powers - Part 3
  • New Age Healing Practises - Part 2
  • High Level Wizardry - Part 3
  • High Level Spiritual Enlightenment and Life Transformation - Part 4
  • Deep and Controlling Spiritual Bondage - Part 5
  • Feelings of Spiritual Desertion and Suicide - Part 5
  • Marital Difficulties and Victories - Part 6
  • Complete Spiritual Restoration - Part 6

I am not a novelist or a journalist, nor am I New Age Practitioner or Preacher in any way. I am an average person that has been through a rather (as I am told) extraordinary life and I am glad to be sharing my life’s story with you. Over the past 7 years the document you are about to read has impacted, enlightened and encouraged hundreds of people from all walks, ages and backgrounds. The original writing of this non-fiction and non-sensationalized account was intended to be used as a foundational block for a feature length film. My life’s story moves quickly and reads much like an intense thriller or mild horror novel so this document may not be for everyone.

I have been told by many that my story is quite riveting for anyone in, or thinking about entering into the New Age Movement. I have also been told that my story is an equally powerful experience for any highly spiritual or religious person looking for answers to the spiritual realm.

I do hope my document will enlighten or encourage you as it has for others. Please do let me know what you think by writing me. I welcome and look forward to your comments.

I also have a very active and educational article section detailing spiritual strategies and principles that may be of great help to you.
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Thank you.
Damian Spaulding

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Enjoy learning about the truth as I know it: