Why Pray in Jesus Name?

This question has been asked of me a few times. The answer is simple. We as Christians are sinners turned into saints only by the grace of God and the wholeness we experience in his ever perfect forgiveness. Therefore our will and in our name has not might, right, way or truth. It is only through Jesus that our prayers have power. Praying a prayer in Jesus' name allows you to utilize the full power and might of the spirit of God without being consumed by it or having it destroy you by trying to channel it through you. If God is like a nuclear power plant, we are like an energizer bunny. His full power and presence would kill/fry us in an instant. That is why we must pray in Jesus' name and in essence use his car keys to drive what is still His car.
Our will and personal will and power I like a sand grain against the canvas of our universe. Why even attempt to take things into our own hands when we have the right hand of the Creator within our midst. Don’t drive the pushcart, Drive the sport’s car.

For added truth to this punch, the actual name of Jesus is Yeshua Ben Yahweh.  The name Jesus is a translation.  When you pray to Jesus it is always best to use  Yeshua Ben Yahweh as Jesus is and was such a common name.  Or pray to Yahweh and/or the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The great I Am.

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