The following articles have been written to help equip you in your spiritual life.
Many are “Under Construction” but have already impacted the lives of many.
To read about how I personally came out of a life of "New Age", feel free to view My Story now.

Lessons on Prayer and How to Achieve Victory Over The Demonic
1. RRBBB - Pure Prayer Power
The most powerful and complete prayer approach you could ever do.
2. How to Make Anointing Oil
A simple guide to making anointing oil.
3. P R A Y - Strategy
A prayer tip to help deepen your prayer life.
4. Why Pray "In Jesus Name"
You often hear people doing this, I now explain why.
5. Sensations of Intercessory Prayer
Common experiences you feel while performing intercessory prayer.
6. The Four Main Types of Prayer
A unique view of the 4 main types of prayer.
7. The Lord's Prayer
Taking the "Lord's Prayer" far deeper than just a recitation.
8. Actions of Intercessory Prayer
Common actions you can take while deep in prayer.
9. Praying In Witchcraft
Yes it is possible to pray in witchcraft.
10. More about anointing oil
More about anointing oil written by my wife Lisa.


General Education
1. Breaking Through Lust
A guide to breaking through the spirits of lust.
2. Strategies to Sexually Abstain
A further guide to sexual action management.
3. Past lives & Spirit Guides Explained
What truly lies behind past life experiences in my humble opinion.


Further Deep Spiritual Experiences
1. Meeting Jesus Face to Face
A personal account of a very deeply spiritual moment in my life.
2. Angels Among Us
How I once saw an angel.
3. Movement of the Spirit – True Intercession
Revealing an experience I had while with an intercessory prayer group.
4. All-consuming Fire
The church burns... Literally.


Analogies For Living
1. Swim Little Fishy
An analogy of our Christian walk and how we grow in the spirit through time.
2. From Fish to Bird
Another analogy of our walkthrough spirituality.


Where it All Began
1. Obtaining New Age Enlightenment


1. The Unforgivable Sin

Enjoy learning about the truth as I know it: