The Four Types of Prayer
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The Four Main Types of Prayer

The following article is still under construction. I have included it because it might be of enlightenment to you even as I write it.
1. Authority
Living your life in authority and anointing in God’s truth often grants prayers to be answered without even asking. We as Christians are automatically given hedges of protection as we journey through our walk and as we walk in this protection utilizing the “full armour of God”, God’s manifest presence is often made known. We at any time can assume a spirit of timidity in our lives and let our inheritance be taken away to keep this in mind as you walk through life on a daily base. Live with authority and knowing that you are saved and a saint in God’s kingdom, keeping all of his commands and being healed, anointed and renewed on a daily base.
There is no substitution for a life lived in the solid presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Sword / Action
We can use the word of God as a sword against the enemy; we can cut him down, rebuke him, and destroy his hold on the lives of those around us. Using prayer as a sword is form of taking action. It takes yielding the authority we have been given over Satan and actively cursing him in many ways. Often we can ask God to bring to our minds how Satan may be working in a situation and He will reveal it so that we can then crush the attack in Jesus name and give victory. The work of our enemy is already lost so don’t give him too much of your attention really, he is like a cockroach that scurries away from the sun at night, lurking in corners because he simply can’t stand in the presence of the Son. He does often cast a great shadow at times. Use your sword of the spirit and the word of God to cut down Satan any time you would like. It is part of your inheritance as a Christian. Learn the word and store the teachings of it in your heart so that you can even use it to hold God accountable to His own promises to us. Moses did it, so why can’t we. It does take years to “squire” and learn to yield this mighty weapon but the weapon is yours for the taking, just pick it up and don’t let it grow cob webs.
A simple example of holding God to his word is a simple statement like: “Lord your word says ‘where to or more are gathered in your midst, you are there with them’ so I call upon you now Lord, be with me (us) and hear our prayers as you have promised. Hear us oh Lord and answer our call Jesus”. Psalm 1 is for example is another truth that can be spoken in prayer. There are many other quotes that can help to cut down our enemy. I won’t and can’t give them all to you, so find them and utilize them all to their fullest every day.

3. Repetition
Some prayers require patience and repetition. Elijah in the Old Testament prayed days for rain before God finally answered his prayer; and when God did, LOOK OUT! Was it ever amazing. God is God and he does answer our prayers sometimes though it does take time. This type of prayer I liken to that of filling a glass of water to overflowing. Every time we pray for an issue it is like we put a drop of water in the glass, if we pray consistently and at times also call upon others to pray as well, pretty soon the glass will over flow, and when it does, LOOK OUT. It is simply amazing how God moves for his children that are persevering and faithful.

4. Belief / Faith
There are other prayers that simply need to be said once, but believed. It is as though our faith is what brings the prayer to fruition in real life. Like the three lepers on the way to Damascus in the Old Testament. Christ healed them but their healing was not immediate. Christ said “now go” and as they walked, they were healed. I am sure it took faith for them to experience this healing as they felt the spirit of God work in their life. That is also why Christ so often asked “do you have faith”, before He presented His miracles to the world

Head this warning:
Prayers do come true even when you may feel as though they are just bouncing to the ceiling and falling back to you. Often you may pray prayers in your youth that are answered in your adult hood. God’s timeline is different from ours and we must treat our prayer life with great respect and knowing that God is magnificent and faithful to our call. Prayers often do get answered well after we forgotten that we have prayed them. Life can sometimes appear like a road to Damascus or a filling of our spiritual cup, but truth be known, God does move and He will answer your prayers. Even if they are fleeting words or sometimes curses to another party or to yourself so please be careful of what you say and do. Words have power in more ways than many know.

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