As I expand areas of my creative life I will share some of them with you:

Nearing the beginning of my marriage I had a vision of a future that will more than likely not be mine but was clear none the less. I decided to document the experience in a poem.
(Jan 21st 1998)

Waking up one morning this vision did appear. This marked the first poem I have written in almost 15 years. (April 1 2012)

Legacy In Me
I wrote this to commemorate my father's death about two days after his passing.

A snapshot of my emotions when my father died November 5th 2010 (written April 1 2012)

Grieving Through Art
One last snippit about grieving in my life.

Looking Down From Milky Way
A different perspective.

Examples of my music can be found on my music school website:
A brief sample of my bent sense of humor (July 27, 2011)

Enjoy learning about the truth as I know it: