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As I expand areas of my creative life I will share some of them with you:

Nearing the beginning of my marriage I had a vision of a future that will more than likely not be mine but was clear none the less. I decided to document the experience in a poem.
(Jan 21st 1998)

Waking up one morning this vision did appear. This marked the first poem I have written in almost 15 years. (April 1 2012)

Legacy In Me
I wrote this to commemorate my father's death about two days after his passing.

A snapshot of my emotions when my father died November 5th 2010 (written April 1 2012)

The following "bootleg" songs are shared with you just until I finally get to creating final productions in my Personal Studio. I am also presently working on what may become a large stage production (Phantom of the Opera style) as well.

The first song I ever wrote (done as a humorous spoof - my voice is supposed to sound bad). 1991

School Song
By popular request i have included my old school song. I took a 100 year old song and turned it into a blues groove. Just for fun! (1993)

Set Us Free
Won some awards for this song many years ago (1994)

Queen and the Soldier
A famous Suzanne Vega song that I re-did and is now a summer-camp favorate by many. I just had to include this raw copy.

The color "blue" as performed by my guitar. Wrote this while baby-sitting and internalizing Drop-D tuning. (1992)

This song speaks for itself. One of my favs. (1997)

A worship tune written for many to sing along to. (2000)

Deliver me
The substance is there but this bootleg leaves a lot to be desired. I plan to build this with full sound effects, choir and other major orchestration. This version is just a template. (2006)

A brief sample of my bent sense of humor (July 27, 2011)

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