Set Us Free
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Set Us Free

In this world
Of unending pain
Why do we hide ourselves
We’re not the ones to blame
We protect our souls
While strangers roam the earth
Set us free
Set us free

We all get burned
We all have our regrets
But when you find your heart
You’ll ask why do we fret

Why do we run from fear
And hide behind the truth
Set us free
Set us free

And when the walls close in
The ceiling starts to fall
You’ll find your strength within
Will last if you stand tall

The answers lie within you
Cause your life lies at you own feet
If you can live..
And give your heart to free
Our very souls to be the best that we can see
To live in harmony
Cause’ when your last strand breaks
Is when you’ll find hope will prevail

In this world of unending pain
You never find a way to keep free from the rain
That’s why we have to fight
So hard to hide our selves

Set us free
Set us free
Set us free
Set us free
Set us free
Set us free

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