Deliver ME
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Deliver Me

When my gripping sorrow’s bound me
And my desperations found me
And I claw a lost journey from my sin

When my teeth they gnash with anger
When my hands clench fists of danger
I cry sorrow and I die for what I’m in

I am with You, I yearn for You
For You alone are all I need

When my lying tongue has scarred me
And brokenness surrounds me
I yell fire cause I’ve lost where I have been

It is your touch that guides me tender
And I’m surrounded with your splendor
Cause You are the God that lifts me from my sin

I am with You, You are with me
For in You I will survive

You are the living Lord
You are the great I am
You are my strong right hand I follow You, I follow You Jesus

You guide me day and night
You carry me through fright
You are my strong tower I stand on You, I stand on You Lord

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