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Wisdom - (A farce of a song)

Here's a little song I wrote, while lying in bed
Waiting on the second floor, I wish I was dead
You see I'm getting four wisdom teeth pulled
I know the next few days are hell,
No food just jell

I'm lying here all alone, against the wall
Counting all the holes in the ceiling, oh what a ball
There are 256 holes in one tile,
I think I should put that on file
Along with the rest of the useless information I've collected over the years that's worth a pile

My doctor just finished his last patient
And now it's my turn to go in
I was blackmailed into this, oh what a sin

I'm now on the operating table, I see the pin
The man has a sadistic look on his face,
As he pricks my skin.
He starts injecting stuff in my vein,
Until the see through tube explodes, oh so much pain

He quickly yanks out the big syringe,
And tries to finish the job.
He looks at me strait in the face and says
Oh there's an awful taste in my mouth,
As I begin to dose away.
I say good night, have fun, don't kill me,
If you may.

I'm now nearing the end, no more to tell
Other than next the few days were really hell
I adopted the nick name chipmunk,
After my puffy cheeks, funny face, and being deprived of all the nuts in the house, that I wanted to eat
But I couldn't because it would hurt too much that's no joke, my song is finally done no yoke,
I will finish up real fast before you throw tomatoes too.

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