This list consists of only about half of my total reflections from the years 1992 – 1994. I have selected some old favorites and some good general examples of my thoughts in order to give an idea of my thought processes. Because I know it to be harmful, I have deliberately omitted a lot of the entries that directly guide the reader into a deep new age path of deception (most based on reincarnation). Of course, I have been greatly enlightened since the composition of this list and because of this enlightenment, I have found answers to many of my questions. Now that I know and understand the "truth" much of my belief and even question base has changed. So many of these questions and comments in my mind are obsolete or even somewhat against my present belief state. I have enclosed them anyway to show an accurate representation of where I was at that time in my life.

Also, as you read you can witness the progression from simple innocent questions and thoughts to a darker yearn for knowledge and death. I pray this list does not lead you astray. Even though I have taken out some of the very dark, I still advise you to be careful and cautious as you read it as with anything you expose yourself to. May God bless you in unfathomable ways and lead you deeper into his truth.

No content has been changed since 1994. Enjoy :)

Reflections Index
1. Mirror Mirror 2. Technology 3. Animals 4. Space 5. Your Reflection
6. Question Every Fact 7. Distorted Reality 8. Anarchy 9. Money 10. Time Change
11. Dejavu 12. Really? 13. Center Of The Earth 14. Wordplay 15. Questioning Reality
16. Our Impact On Others 17. Essence 18. Deception 19. Stubbornness 20. Life
21. Fountain 22. Sleep 23. Love at First Sight 24. Live in The Present 25. Realization
26. Grave Acceptance 27. Childhood 28. Spontaneous Freedom 29. Stage Reversal 30. Hang In There
31. Am I 32. Personal Freedom 33. One's Shadow 34. Holodeck 35. The Journey
36. Challenging The Norm 37. Autistic People 38. Emotions & Media 39. Co-operation 40. Why
41. The Point of Time 42. Calming 43. LinearTime 44. Rain 45. English Language
46. Speed of Light 47. Poles of the Earth 48. Reality Reversal 49. Personality 50. Answers in the Rainbow
51. Candle 52. Universal Ecosystem 53. The Aim of Life 54. Misery 55. Invention
56. Discovery Of Wisdom 57. Inner Self 58. Dream Processing 59. Voices In Your Head 60. Music
61. Your Potential 62. Frozen Time 63. Understanding 64. Chance 65. Let Go
66. Mirror 67. Worth of Life 68. Memory 69. Flash of Life 70. Passage Of Time
71. Intelligence 72. History 73. Before Death 74. Anatomy 75. Love
76. See The World 77. Touch 78. Retrospect 79. Quantum 80. Answers
81. Fear 82. Questions 83. Reflection 84. Proof 85. Butterfly Effect
86. Mind Reading 87. Boredom 88. Post Trauma    

Enjoy learning about the truth as I know it: