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When you sleep, is it just a time for your body
to get a chance to recuperate after a days work?
Or is it more than that?
Is it also a chance for your subconscious mind to take over
your conscious and transfer the information
it gathered throughout the day?
Is it a time where your mind conditions itself
to be able to handle extreme situations
of which before then would have made you crack?
Is it a chance to encounter and conquer your greatest fears?
Is it a time to organize what you have learned
through the day?
Is it a time to recall your past and relearn lessons
you have forgotten?
Is it a chance for the ideas and thoughts
you've set aside or ignored,
to emerge and play out their existence?
Is it a time for you to reflect on what you've learned
and expand on it in order to learn more from it
and commit it into long term memory?
Is it a chance to find out how you would react
to certain situations?
Is it a time of stress relief,
by letting your mind do what it pleases?
Is it a time to analyze people's behaviors and test loyalty?
All of these questions go unanswered,
yet all are abused every day.

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