Like the touch of a rose upon my lips
I stare at your ageless sweet gaze.
Your eyes shimmer white
and the candles break light
of our love lived in golden days.

Your hands tremble old,
so frail and so cold
but your beauty will never hinder;
for you're the love of my life
and the day of my days,
any pain in my heart melts like cinders.

When I cherish you all,
and I hold you so close
I feel though our hearts beat as one.
With just a touch of your skin
and a caress of your soul
I know our lives have only begun.

We have traveled so far,
I can now see the end
and I sense that your breath is now short;
but I will meet you soon
and we will fly like a loon
till we land in God's heavenly court.

Life has been hard,
and it struck us so deep
I know soon it never will be,
as painful as now
follow me and find how
we can live with our Lord flying free.

Praise you.....

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