Very powerful prayers to help you gain victory in your life

Jubilee Ministries
Click on the prayers that may suit you. Feel free to pray through prayers that you may not even think applies. Often spiritual under-currents can happen without you even knowing.

MacGregor Ministries
Great resources on cults and other religions

Exceptional Books That Have Helped My Life Evolve

Victory Over Darkness and The Bondage Breaker by Neil T Anderson.

The God Chasers by Tommy Tenney.

What's So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancey

Incredible courses to undergo

Cleansing Stream Ministries is one of the best courses I have ever known. It changed my life and the lives of countless others. I STRONGLY suggest seeing if it is your area. This was one of the most important steps to healing (financially and emotionally) in my entire life.

Alpha is an exceptional course describing the true meaning of Christianity and many important things in "the walk". Great for someone who wants to expand their knowledge and satisfy their curiosity about Christ.

Ellel Ministries is a healing retreat for serious spiritual & emotional concerns such as: suicide, anorexia / bulimia, self-mutilation. This retreat has done miracles for my close and valued friends.

Personal companies I operate if you are interested to see

Spaulding School of Music is a music school that I operate. I have created a method of learning any instrument by ear as well as leaning to sing professionally in a rapid period of time.

The Best of All Time Internet Radio is a hobby radio station soon to become a full fledged business / ministry. Feel free to listen for free.

Soundscape Productions is a recording studio/production company that I operate.

Core Management Solutions a web design / hosting / software development company I successfully operate.

Dynamic Personnel an executive search company I also operate.

The Christian News Network is a ministry that with your help will soon be a Christian news super power. Feel free to click and learn of our vision and mission.

David's Temple is a unique Christian Coffehouse / Ministry soon to be launched and duplicated across all of North America.

JCM will be part of the culmination of my life's work. The site explains itself.

Crystal Commercial Group Inc. is the corporation that actually owns all of the above and assigns teams and resources appropriately to ensure the success of all of the above.


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