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Past Lives and Spirit Guides Explained

The topic of Spirit Guides and Past Lives can be quite interpretive because it involves our personal perceptions and our perceptions are hard to quantify or even measure. The simple act of trying to prove to someone that you are both awake and not just in a vivid dream is a perfect example of this truth. Our direct perceptions of our world and of the spirit world are next to impossible to prove but that being said, it is completely possible to have a well educated and substantiated opinion.

As a person that has gone through many past life regression moments and also am quite familiar with "Spirit Guides", I must say be careful with such things. When I went through my past life memories, I recalled things with utter vividness and I am sure historic accuracy as well. In fact, I remember a friend telling me that once when I was sleeping I spoke pure mandarin but he could not make out exactly what I was saying. Now the fact that I could do such things and could experience such historical events and even remember relationships with vividness does not necessarily mean that I was experiencing a "past life". Nor can I make proof that I am not living in a "Matrix" at this very moment either. Hypothetically if I was a spiritual being however and I wanted to turn a group of people away from the possibility or God or Creation and believe in Karma and earth-bound spirits instead, I would first start with past lives. Wouldn't you? If I could convince you that you lived a hundred lives before this one, how could you ever believe in a heaven or God? Correct? So the question is, can a spirit do this? Can a spirit implant thoughts or visions into someone's mind?

I believe you already know the answer to this question:
Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where a thought was not your own? For example, have you ever been driving down the street and had the thought to just veer into on-coming traffic out of nowhere? Have you ever had a thought of "just kill yourself" come out of nowhere? Have you ever felt an urge to do something out of your character that may be of detriment to yourself or to another without knowing where it came from?
The proof is in your personal experiences. Spirits can influence our lives (unless you believe that 100% of the world suffers from spontaneous chemical imbalances - if that is the case, good luck to you :)). Now given that spirits can influence us without our will being directly involved, what happens if we go out looking for spiritual things? What happens if we go out of our ways to allow spirits into our lives. Allow spirits to let us experience past lives? Go out of our way to allow them to advise us through "spirit guides" and listen specifically for their words? What happens if we open our bodies and minds up to their influences? Well exactly what you think would happen. I don't think I need to say it.
The Bible actually warns not to have "familiar spirits" for the same reason it warns about many other things. Simply being, it can hurt us.

Now I know there are many Christians that profess to have "Spirit Guides" and have experienced "Past Lives". I know there are also many Christians that also suffer from depression, thoughts of suicide or have influences in their lives that continue to cause them to harm others. Having such things or influences doesn't make them any less of a Christian, they are just living bound to a life that the Bible warns against. Being a Christian simply means you have given your life and spirit to God / Christ in order to receive a massive inheritance, but becoming a Christian does not over-night set you free from spiritual influences or even habits you may have formed through your life. So before we judge any Christian for doing something wrong or believing an untruth, feel free to look in the mirror because we all have to learn to fight against the things that harm us. We all live short of the full glory of Christ. We all are deceived in some way and we must continue for the rest of our lives to strive for truth and enlightenment outside of the new-age movement because all things within that movement are counterfeit to the true freedom that awaits you once you have removed yourself completely from it.
An example of this is that if you ask any psychic, they will tell you that they continue to have to "purge" themselves from negative emotions or spirits. That they concern themselves about spiritual transferral between themselves and their subjects. That at times the feel depleted and need to recharge through meditation or other means. But these means are just temporary and bind them even further to the new-age spirits. Fixing yourself through new age means is like fixing a dike leak by plugging it with your finger. If you really want to fix an overflowing river, don't plug a hole in the break-wall with your finger, remove the harmful amounts of water and you will need no plugging. That is the truth that Christ gives and it has been proven in the lives of very many (you included if you so choose). Christ can set us free from all that ensnare us more. The pure truth is, we can live 100% free and in His glory; over and above all things that used to harm us and implant negative thoughts in our lives. We can live eternally at the right hand of our creator (and the creator of this world) while still breathing a breath of fresh air on a summer's day and not waiting for a distant heaven sometime in the future. Through Christ we can receive our inheritance and our authority over all spirits on this earth right away while still living and looking forward to the days ahead when the dawning of the new earth is here.
Why worship the creation when you can have a living relationship with the creator? Why settle for spirit guides and past lives when you can receive so much more? It seems strange to me that many do opt for New Age living (which is truly extremely old age living) when something truly new can be a part of their daily reality. Then again, people tend to want to keep a hold of what they know rather than journey to the unknown because let's face it, new and unknown is normally quite scary for most. I remember it was terrifying for me when I first entertained it, but I would never ever look back now.

The honest truth be known, it takes far less courage to believe in New Age than to believe in the fullness of Christ. It is far easier to live a life where you believe you might be in control of your own destiny through your own self will rather than to relinquish control to a higher power that knows your every heart's desire and trust in that higher power to fulfill your deepest desires. Trusting like this is especially difficult given the amount of hurt and bitterness that has gone around the earth these days and the incredible bad examples that many Christians and even churches have given to others about what Christ could be.
May I encourage you to have the courage to put New Age behind like a bad dream from the past and learn step by step how to become 100% free. You do not have to leap blindly, just educate yourself first then leap when you are ready. It will be well worth it, I can say this from experience. In truth, it is far easier to keep a closed mind to Christ rather than an open one. Are you up to the challenge? Your freedom and inheritance await.
For the record: A good Christian does not give up their self-will to God. God gave us self-will for a reason. A good/strong Christian simply uses their self-will wisely and well, in healthy and wholesome ways.
I look forward to seeing you in heaven, moving at the speed of thought in an existence that far exceeds our present imaginations.
See you soon!

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